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I "Heart" BK Sweet Relief Fundraiser (LTDR021)

$20.00 / Sold Out


The backstory:

When we learned of Brett's diagnosis (in what seemed like a lifetime ago), we knew we wanted to be part of the grassroots fundraising initiatives to help with his bills as he bravely battled cancer. So, in 2014/2015, we put together a limited edition of 70 random overrun 7" singles, matched them with 70 random flipped overrun sleeves, and custom tailored them with an "I HEART BK" silkscreen and stencil. The idea was to create a unique artifact and premium that kept our costs to an absolute minimum and maximized the cash we could donate to his Sweet Relief Fund.

Thanks to everyone's generosity, the thing was a success and we were able to raise aprox. $1200.00 USD. Again: thank you to everyone who helped; it will never be forgotten.

We lost Brett this past spring of 2016 and everyone is still reeling a little. We're holding onto the handful of copies left until things get reorganized and we can contribute to future efforts. There's some cool ideas afloat--we'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, here's some links to bring you up to speed:

Announcement from Sweet Relief

"Portrait Of A Friendship In The Face of Cancer" (New Yorker piece)

Amazing tribute from The Strokes from the stage of the Governor's Ball, June 2016