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Just Jeffrey "Coffee, Tea & Me" (LTDRLP-005)

$15.00 / On Sale

Recorded & produced by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds, East Vancouver, BC, 2015.

Additional musicians: Joseph Lubinsky, Jarrod O’Dell, Henry Beckwith, Phillip Intile, Wayne Mohart and Mike Flintoff

Graphics, Design and Layout: Dale Davies

Track Listing:

1) World Made For Me
2) Hello Eleanor
3) Only One Way
4) Kids These Days
5) All Alone In The Modern World
6) Disposable Culture
7) Is This My Time?
8) Put The Kettle On
9) Sensitive Sue
10) Round About Girl
11) Cellular Devices
12) Tailor Made Heart
13) in And Out Of Love
14) Mrs. McDowell at the end of the lane
15) Believe What You Must
16) Seems Like Yesterday
17) English Way Of Life

Stats: 300 Pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl (Black). Download includes the bonus track "Elegant Chaos" (J. Cope) and the video for "World Made For Me." European pressing details coming soon!