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Maniac "Demimonde" (LTDR-LP003)

$15.00 / On Sale

Maniac's debut LP! Feat. members of Clorox Girls, The Girls, Cute Lepers, Images, etc etc etc.

Andrew Zappin-Guitar
James Carman-Drums
Justin Maurer-Guitar/Vocals
Zache Davis-Vocals/Bass

Recorded & Engineered by Mark Rains (Stationhouse Sounds, Los Angeles)
Mastered by Daniel "Hadji" Husayn at North London Bomb Factory (London, UK)
Design: Dale Davies/Zache Davis
All songs: Maniac (BMI) 2013

Dedicated to the memory of Richard W. Davis

Track Listing:
1) Live like Bats
2) Dim Sum
3) Wendy, Same Thing
4) Party City
5) Forts
6) Dans le Sang
7) Misshape
8) Rerun Ritual
9) Love Affair
10) When I'm Gone
11) Alright, Okay

Stats: 500 Pressed (Black). European edition (BLUE COVER) licensed to Taken By Surprise Records, Germany.