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The Fags "Rivet Factory / No Peking" 7"

$6.00 / On Sale

THE FAGS – Rivet Factory b/w No Peking
(Label: TRAP ONE Cat # DOG1)

This debut 45 from Calgary-based garage-rock combo, The Fags, features 2 solid pop gems that combine the band’s fascination with all things Detroit (Rivet Factory) & a bizarre love affair with Chinatowns everywhere (No Peking). A visual juggernaut on clear vinyl, with artwork by local illustrating stalwart, Kelly Sutherland, it’s an audible tour de force for garage-pop fans the world over. This package is sure to please!

Formerly a 2-piece with an affinity for re-creating stripped-down versions of their favourite pop songs (see The Who, The Quick, Siouxsie & the Banshees), the band has doubled in size to create their own material with twice the energy, twice the volume & twice the good times.

Members have been regulars in & out of the local punk rock scene dating back to the ‘80s (The Vindicators, Seven Story Redhead, Pussy Monster, The Bownesians, The Vin Saxons). Today, their sound can be considered the sum of all its parts – straight-ahead pop-punk with searing keyboards, signature Rickenbacker chimes & a steady cavewoman backbeat. At times, honeyed harmonies are replaced by full-bore gang vocals, staying true to their sweet pop sensibilities while maintaining a steady nod to their punk rock roots.

As for the name, consider the band’s shared history of living out their youth at a time & in a place where daring to be different was often met with intolerance & cruelty. For little punk rockers, coming of age meant being judged for the colour of your hair, the clothes you wore, the music you listened to & the circles you ran in. Being called a fag or a dyke was de rigueur, but never stopped these kids in their pursuit of all things genuine & real.

Today, the name stands to challenge outmoded stereotypes & pre-conceived notions of what society accepts & rejects. It confronts the power of a loaded word head-on, but at the same time recognizes that in the end, our actions speak much louder.

So act now – listen to The Fags & live loud!